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Why does your website look like that?

17 Feb 2018 - I finally broke!

I finally broke and starting adding in CSS. I’ve been trying it out on the Game of Thrones page and it inspired me to add a little colour to the site. I still aim to keep all the CSS as lightweight as possible and I don’t think load times will be affected much.

I really like the light text on a dark background look, it much softer on the eyes. From the site’s beginning, I always intended to keep width fluid so that I can fit as much information on the screen as possible, I also set the text-size to 1.2em so that it’s easier to read.

Additionally, I’ve only set the CSS to only be applied to on-screen renderings of the website. Printers will pick this site up with the default style and colours, this takes out any complications for anyone wishing to print out this site’s content without me having to code around it.

So that’s just my latest thoughts on my Neocities journey so far. I’ll keep this “blog” update when I feel like it, but I have been tempted to add in some non-Neocities posts. We’ll see how that turns out.

29 Jan 2018 - The default look

So I've decided to start this website to get back into HTML. It’s a nice little nostalgia trip for me and I’m having a lot of fun doing it. Last time I coded like this, mobile browsing was in its infancy. Although I’m glad to find out that you can, in essence, treat mobile display as you would low-resolution monitors.

It looks ugly. People have been pointing this out to me since this site’s inception, but the true beauty is in the simplicity of the code, or the fact that it displays well on almost any device, mobile, desktop, text-to-speech, text-only browsers, you name it…

I just feel there’s just so much JavaScript providing such little benefit to the end user, I'm not saying all JavaScript is bad, just that is many, many cases it's overused. As a remedy (of sorts), I made this website. No JavaScript, no cookies, no trackers or crypto-miners, just basic HTML code. The visual style is designed to match this in spirit, a metaphor for simpler code and a rejection of over-engeneering.

I might edit in some styles over time, but for now, I just want to take stock of our default aesthetic.

Some of you may have worked out that the philosophy behind this site's design, in part, initially came from a rather amusing "genre" of websites I've listed here (contains strong language).

I do quite like working with the newer HTML5 tags. They were being introduced shortly around the time my last interest in HTML subsided, the new tags really help make HTML code more human readable and systematic. However, with more options comes more room for stylistic and semantic inconsistency.

One exception to this idea is my Game of Thrones page. There I want to treat it more like a scrapbook and just throw away all design consistency.

So these are my initial thoughts on this site and its initial feedback. I’ll be continuing to work on it and tinker around, that’s pretty much why I built it. This log will chronicle my thoughts as I grow out this website, I won’t put too much effort into the elegance of my English language since I’m really doing this for me moreover anyone else, but if you’re not me, then WELCOME!