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Scrawlings from The Black Cells is my Game of Thrones webpage. Here, I'll jot down all my random Game of Thrones ideas, theories, predictions, etc... In addition to this, I also have a Game of Thrones YouTube playlist here [RSS] and PeerTube channel here [RSS].

The throne prediction section

Who will sit on the throne when the show ends?

Predictor Predictee
Ashley Sansa Stark
Chow Sansa Stark
Chris Sansa Stark
Falkon Daenerys Targaryen
Heather Jon Snow
Max Jamie Lannister
Meg Sansa Stark
Rodders Podrick Payne
Stacie Jon Snow
Will Tyrion Lannister

Chris's season 8 predictions


Qyburn is one of the most interesting characters in Game of Thrones. He's a primary contributor to Cersei's success in season 7 and has the reach to perform just about any political machination he desires. He doesn't seem to desire power in the way many other power-players desire it, yet he holds one of the highest political offices in the realm.

Suspicious Qyburn

He's definitly up to something, here's a list of stuff which we should keep tabs on.

Could he be Howland Reed?

Seven bingo!

The god The GoT character Comments
The Father Ser Davos Lost his son, like a father to Jon and Shireen.
The Mother Cersei Defined by her parenthood.
The Maiden Brienne See The Bear and the Maiden Fair & Brienne the Beauty.
The Crone Melisandre She's really old.
The Warrior The Hound Protects Arya and Sansa.
The Smith Gendry Obvs, I mean, who else?
The Stranger Jaqen H'ghar The faceless man watching over Arya.